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DomSat: Dedicated and Private VSAT Network Solution

Customized Connectivity Solutions

DomSat presents a tailored VSAT network solution, catering to discerning customers seeking dedicated and private networks. Whether within the domestic realm, including banks and administrative bodies, or on the international stage, serving embassies and multinational corporations, DomSat offers a unique connectivity experience.

Key Features

⦁        Standalone Domestic VSAT Networks: DomSat specializes in crafting standalone domestic VSAT networks that seamlessly integrate with your organizational structure, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

⦁        Dedicated and Private Hub: Experience a network tailored to your requirements with a dedicated and private hub stationed at your head office. This ensures data security and optimized performance.

⦁        Extensive Remote Station Network: DomSat extends its coverage with the provision of 10 to 1000 remote stations, strategically dispersed within the country. These stations serve as key nodes, ensuring robust connectivity.

⦁        Main and Fiber Backup: Ensuring reliability even in adverse scenarios, DomSat offers both main and fiber backup options. This guarantees continuous connectivity, critical for seamless operations.

⦁        Supervision Flexibility: Choose the level of supervision that suits your preferences. Whether managed internally by your team or outsourced to Rascomstar, your network remains in capable hands.

⦁        Versatile Applications: DomSat caters to an array of applications, including but not limited to banks, border posts, administrative bodies, and hospitals. This versatility ensures your connectivity solution aligns perfectly with your operational needs.

DomSat empowers organizations with the ability to establish dedicated, private, and tailored VSAT networks, cultivating a connectivity ecosystem that supports your unique requirements.