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Satellite Bandwidth Leasing

Satellite Bandwidth Leasing: Empowering Seamless Connectivity

Strategically Positioned Satellite

Unlocking unparalleled connectivity possibilities, RascomStar presents Satellite Bandwidth Leasing, perfectly positioned at 2.9° East to serve your communication needs.

Comprehensive Coverage

RascomStar’s extensive capacity blankets the expanse of Africa and Western Europe. Our coverage encompasses standard C band, Insat-C, and 2 ku beams, creating a vast communication network that meets diverse requirements.

Seamless Back-and-Forth Transmission

Our cutting-edge cross-trap transponders facilitate seamless back-and-forth transmission between C band and ku beams, enhancing communication efficiency and flexibility.

Uncompromised Frequency Range

RascomStar’s standard C band operates above 3.9 GHz, safeguarded from GSM interference, ensuring undisturbed data flow. Similarly, the Insat-C band, ranging from 4.5 to 4.8 GHz, remains unaffected by local interference, elevating your connectivity experience.

Tailored Leasing Options

Embrace the flexibility of leasing capacity, starting from a minimum of 0.5 MHz. Whether for occasional use or extended periods, RascomStar caters to your unique requirements with leasing options starting from just 1 hour.

Exceptional Value

Being one of the most cost-effective operators in the region, RascomStar stands as a beacon of value. We don’t just offer bandwidth – we provide a complete support ecosystem, encompassing network bandwidth optimization, tailored solutions, and expert assistance with ground equipment.

Qualification through Design

Prioritizing excellence, RascomStar ensures quality through design qualification. This commitment allows us to confidently offer free trials, empowering you to experience our unmatched capabilities firsthand.

Unlock your connectivity potential with RascomStar’s Satellite Bandwidth Leasing – where strategic positioning, extensive coverage, and unwavering support converge to transform your communication landscape.