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Hybrid Service

Hybrid Services: Revolutionizing Connectivity Across Africa

Partnership for Seamless Solutions

In an era of dynamic connectivity, Rascomstar, in collaboration with Forsway and Global Telesat, pioneers Hybrid Services across Africa – a transformative solution that propels connectivity to new heights.

A Dual-Pronged Approach

Hybrid Services represents a groundbreaking shift. It offers a high-throughput forward link via VSAT, complemented by a robust return link via 3G or 4G networks. This powerful fusion creates an ecosystem that redefines connectivity possibilities.

Uncomplicated Remote Terminal

Embracing simplicity without compromise, the remote terminal is ingeniously crafted. A standard 90cm TV dish, accompanied by a conventional LNB, forms the foundation. The ingenuity lies in the addition of a GSM dongle – a gateway to seamless return communication via 3G or 4G networks.

The Power of Synergy

The synergy between VSAT and wireless networks empowers users with a cohesive experience. High throughput forward link ensures speedy data delivery, while the dynamic 3G/4G return link guarantees swift interactions, ultimately forming a symphony of seamless connectivity.

Unveiling New Frontiers

Rascomstar, Forsway, and Global Telesat join forces to uncover a new era of connectivity. Hybrid Services transcend limitations, redefine possibilities, and empower the African continent with a truly transformative connectivity solution.