As the demand for broadcast content continues to grow across the African continent, reliable and high-quality transmission is crucial for success. We provide solutions for broadcast businesses looking to reach audiences across Africa.

Using our satellite capacity, we offer unparalleled coverage and bandwidth to ensure seamless transmission of audio and video content to audiences in even the most remote locations. Our reliable and robust network provides broadcasters with the flexibility and scalability needed to meet the demands of their audience, with minimal downtime or disruptions. Whether it’s live sports events, breaking news, or entertainment, our satellite can deliver high-quality content to viewers across Africa.

Case Study: Pioneering Broadcasting Solution in DRC Congo

Challenge: A key challenge surfaced for our client, situated in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). They aspired to launch a comprehensive paid TV bouquet across DRC and neighbouring countries, facing the intricate puzzle of establishing a robust broadcast network.

Solution: RascomStar stepped in with a visionary solution, leveraging its technical prowess to architect a transformative broadcasting network tailored to the unique DRC landscape.

Strategic Ku Band Deployment: RascomStar’s ku South Coverage proved tailor-made for the DRC region, providing the ideal foundation for the client’s broadcasting ambitions.

Innovative Contribution Ecosystem: Understanding the client’s resource constraints, RascomStar ingeniously pooled contributions from numerous DRC-based TV sources through C-band contribution links. Additionally, strategic partnerships enabled the inclusion of TV contributions via fiber, sourced both within DRC and Europe.

C/ku Crosstrap Advancement: Broadcasting efficiency reached new heights as RascomStar orchestrated the broadcast process from a Germany-based Teleport, capitalizing on the power of C/ku crosstraps.

Empowering Client Independence: To further elevate the client’s capabilities, RascomStar engineered a Conditional Access System (CAS) fortified with encryption. This system, managed remotely by the client, not only enhanced security but also empowered the client to manage and invoice their customers independently.

Minimal Investment, Maximum Return: The strategic orchestration of assets, hosting, and teleport management significantly minimized the client’s financial investment. This astute approach enabled them to harness the capabilities of the solution with minimal financial outlay.

Impactful Broadcasting Bouquet: The cumulative efforts bore fruit as the bouquet expanded to encompass more than 25 TV and radio stations, broadcasting seamlessly in ku band. This growth illustrated the solution’s efficiency and effectiveness in catering to the client’s ambitious vision.

Conclusion: Empowering Broadcasting Excellence

In partnership with RascomStar, our client in DRC Congo realized their broadcasting aspirations, successfully launching a comprehensive paid TV bouquet across the nation and beyond. RascomStar’s strategic technical solutions, commitment to innovation, and client-focused approach culminated in a broadcasting achievement that continues to resonate across the region.


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