SAFTI : Combined Satellite & Wi-Fi

Rascomstar offer Wi-Fi services via satellite to rural communities where there is no existing internet access, thereby enabling hi-speed connectivity to email and popular social applications like Facebook and WhatsApp. The service is delivered locally via a small VSAT terminal connected to an external Wireless Access Point [WAP] and gives coverage up to 200m from the WAP. The internet source can either be in-country or delivered from one of the Rascomstar partner teleports in Europe. User access to the local Wi-Fi service is by vouchers purchased locally with cash or by on-line by credit card.  

The Wi-Fi service terminal can be solar-powered for remote locations or it can be associated with a rural electricity solution as a value-add service and can include remote monitoring of the electricity system for the power supplier.

The Wi-Fi service may also be combined with the rural GSM solution [GES] to deliver both GSM and Wi-Fi services at the same location using the same VSAT (GEFI service). This combined service provides superior connectivity speed for data over the standard GSM EDGE service.