Advanced Telecommunications,
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Kratos and Rascomstar Team to Deliver Advanced Control Station in Douala

Kratos selected the RascomStar teleport in Douala, Cameroon  to install a monitoring station for the newly launched Azerspace-2 satellite – Azerbaijan’s second telecommunications satellite.  This station includes 3 antennas developed by Kratos – one that is 7.5m one that is 4.5m and one that is 3.7m in size. To monitor its C and Ku  African beams in real-time, the advanced control station takes advantage of Kratos’ Monics Carrier Monitoring System (CSM), the satID geolocation solution to perform geolocations, and Compass – a Monitor and Control (M&C) product to centralize management of the equipment across the station…

As a result of a strong collaboration between Kratos and RascomStar, the installation of all the antennas and systems was completed on December 2018. With these advanced systems the Douala Teleport  is now providing 7x24h support and maintenance.

About Kratos:

With experience spanning 300 missions over 30 years, Kratos is a leading global ground station solutions provider delivering turnkey products and services.  Our range of capabilities include delivering turnkey ground stations to RF systems to a complete suite of satellite fleet, RF and network management products to support our customers.


Douala teleport developed with Kratos’ antennas and advanced monitoring products in partnership with RascomStar