Advanced Telecommunications,
throughout Rural Africa

Our mission comprises of two intrinsic, yet interdependent components:

Sustainable  and Budget Friendly Satellite Connectivity

RascomStar endeavors to achieve economic viability and business growth through the deployment of sustainable and environmentally compatible, telecommunication technologies, systems and infrastructure. We are committed to bring enhanced value to our partners, operators, shareholders and others in order to deliver our ultimate goal… to deploy sustainable, connectivity services to the thousands of rural communities resident on the African continent.

Advance Telecommunications in Rural Africa

RascomStar will enable rural communities to benefit from the many advantages which access to the global society can provide in terms of creating jobs; self-empowerment – particularly for women; economic prosperity; access to markets; family well being; education, and an improved quality of life… now and for future generations.

We are doing this by providing voice and data connectivity, and as our geographic coverage and usage grows, we will continue to upgrade our service provision using our innovative technologies,configured to satisfy customer needs and as these grow more sophisticated, to provide a fully fledged integrated telecommunications service.