Advanced Telecommunications,
throughout Rural Africa

GSM Rural Extension | Site Installation

System Topology

RascomStar’s Rural Extension Service is typically
configured to operate as a terrestrial extension
of the mobile operator’s network, in which our
satellite interconnects to, and becomes an integral
part of, the incumbent mobile operator’s
terrestrial network.


Rural Extention

Fully integrated rural site

rural extention

VSAT antenna and GSM tower

Network Architecture

RascomStar provides a fully integrated GSM service solution comprising of a seamless integration of satellite and GSM technologies functioning as an extension of the local Mobile Network Operators network.

The value proposition for the GSM subscriber is:

A completely standard GSM cell-phone and Sim card can be used.

Direct access to the MNO network in a rural location using standard dialing numbers[no special dialing codes or prefixes required].

Re-charge of pre-pay credit can be done as normal with standard MNO recharge cards.

All standard MNO services are available – Voices, SMS, USSD and Data [Edge @ 2.7 G] plus the designated MNO service codes for technical support from the MNO.

In summary, the Rascomstar GSM service solution is entirely seamless for the local subscriber in a rural location.

The benefits for the MNO/GSM Operator are:-

Provision of the rural GSM site is entirely managed by Rascomstar.

All rural GSM service delivery, operations and maintenance up to the MNO core network interconnect are managed by Rascomstar and their service partners

All Rural Extension GSM Service technical support and development is provided by Rascomstar and their technology partners.

All Internationally Approved GSM technical standards are fully maintained in the Rural Extension GSM Service design and operation

Remote GSM Terminal Site | Includes:

One GSM tower (20 to 40m)

One integrated solar system with solar panels, solar controller and batteries to power all the telecom equipment on a 24/7 basis

One VSAT satellite antenna with transmit and receive capability

One intelligent Skylinx unit able to link the traffic from the base transceiver station to the satellite

1 to 4 rugged base transceiver [BTS] units service depending on the planned traffic capacity, equipped with Omni or sector GSM antennas

GSM Installation Sequence Installation Sequence

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