Advanced Telecommunications,
throughout Rural Africa

Rascomstar offers four basic solutions to its customers;

  • 1) Bandwidth Leasing
  • 2) VSAT Solutions encompassing both Bandwidth leasing solutions and end-to- end Vsat solutions
  • 3) GSM Extension Services (GES) for Rural areas
  • 4) Fixed Telephony Extension Services (TES) for Rural areas

Bandwidth Leasing Solutions

As with most other satellite operators, RascomStar offers customers the opportunity to lease satellite bandwidth in C-band covering the whole of Africa and 2 Ku-band frequencies, with footprints over northern and southern regions of the continent.

The solution facilitates Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations, Broadcast Operators, ISPs, Enterprises, Mobile Network Operators, Security and Emergency Responders, Educational institutions and other organizations to implement cost effective Satellite connectivity for many services including; IP connectivity for E-Services, TV broadcasting, GSM backhauling and Corporate Networks

What makes this solution distinct from other leasing providers, is our satellite’s prime orbital position of 2.9 East, and Satellite beam foot print covering the entire African continent and adjacent islands.

VSAT Solutions

RascomStar provides; as a value-add; end to end Customer network design and assistance with equipment procurement for Customers with unique Vsat network needs. This solution is offered in association with Bandwidth Leasing. RascomStar customer support teams are highly experienced designing telecommunication networks across Africa and work closely with leading Satellite Equipment vendors to give customers specialized Consultancies in their network fulfillment. RascomStar provides advice and technical assistance with regards to ground segment engineering, determination of capacity requirements and link budget calculations.

GSM Extension Service Solutions

The RascomStar GSM Extension Service (R*GES) is a solution for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to cost effectively and sustainably extend their networks to low ARPU Rural Communities. This solution packages both R*GES cell site technology with low cost BTSs, their associated Satellite terminals and the management of the space segment thereof. The remote terminals are designed to be ‘tetherless’; off-grid green solar power operation and pay as you go satellite backhaul connectivity enable operators ease of deployment and low operational costs.


Telephony Extension Service Solutions

The RascomStar Telephony Extension Service (R*TES) is a solution intended to provide viable Fixed line telephony extension (voice and data) to rural and underserved areas in Africa. The solution low cost terminals operate on solar power and provide pay as you go by the minute satellite connectivity of up to four fixed line voice lines and one data access point back to the National PSTN network. The solution is suitable for very small Rural communities (population 100-1000) and is responsive to many regulatory universal access requirements for under-served areas.