Advanced Telecommunications,
throughout Rural Africa

About us

Like all really big ideas, our origins were born from a simple shared vision of our shareholders - to bring the economic and social benefits of telecommunications to the thousands of rural communities living in the heartlands of Africa. There are millions of people with no access to, or are simply underserved due to, the scarcity of telecommunications infrastructure that exists in the rural areas of the continent.

RascomStar was incorporated and registered as a private company under the laws of Mauritius in 2002, with a commitment from our shareholders; LAIP (Libyan Africa Investment Portfolio) a leading investor in vital African infrastructure; Rascom (Regional African Satellite Communication Organisation) an intergovernmental organisation representing all African nations, and TAS (Thales Alenia Space) a world innovator in satellite and telecommunication systems, to deliver this stated vision.

Our remit is to design, develop and facilitate the construction and deployment of a pan-African satellite telecommunications infrastructure, capable of extending voice and data services to off-the-grid regions on the continent. In so doing, we shall provide national and international connectivity to supplement existing licence holding telecom operator networks, which are currently focussed on serving the coastal regions, large cities and dense conurbation areas.

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