Advanced Telecommunications,
throughout Rural Africa

About RascomStar

A pioneering company, committed to delivering sustainable, telecommunication services to the heartlands of Africa.

RascomStar is a privately owned business, Registered in Mauritius and headquartered in Dubai. We have two Satellite Control Stations – one in Gharyan, Libya and the other in Fucino in Italy, plus a mission control facility located in Douala, Cameroon.

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							<h4>RascomStar is organised and fully equipped to manage the commercial deployment of our advanced technological assets</h4>
							<p>We are unique in that our service and product focus is precisely geared to meet the needs of the African continent.</p>
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								<li>Our people are seasoned and exceptionally knowledgeable telecommunications professionals.</li>
								<li>We have state-of-the-art technologically, resources and infrastructure.</li>
								<li>We have a successful operating satellite, ground-systems and expert support services.</li>
								<li>We provide call management, data access and call-by-call billing information.</li>
								<li>Our business model is based on providing commercially viable, cost effective, sustainable, managed ‘end-to-end‘ systems and services to Telco operators.</li>
								<li>We deliver distinctive, highly competitive, Voice, IP data and Broadband services.</li>
								<li>Our marketing and sales effort is focussed on recruiting and collaborating with Telco’s wishing to participate.</li>
								<li> We offer ‘turn-key’ opportunities to facilitate modular pilot deployment of our Orbit|Ground Traffic System.</li>